Preparing Students for the Future

One thing is for certain, the future for technology is bright.  Last night I watched these two videos back-to-back and realized that a monumental shift in how we interact with the world is upon us.  Just a short while ago, I was blown away that I could stream internet music to my phone while driving. Now I find myself frustrated that I have to actually tell my phone what I want to listen to.... Shouldn’t it just know?

With advances in voice impute technologies, coupled with changes in digital display formats and augmented reality, it will not be long before we all have work spaces like Tony Stark.  

Then the question is, what skills will the students need today to able to succeed in a world where such technologies are commonplace? How should I be spending time in my classroom to make sure my students are not the ones playing catchup to the rest of the world?

Though exciting, the coming years will be very critical to our future success as a society.