Scrapbook: East Coast Keynotes

This weekend I had the opportunity to present to teachers in both Maryland and Connecticut! It was an awesome experience and I'm finally getting the hang of speaking in front of big audiences. There are still tons of ways I can improve, but I feel like I'm honing in on my message. Such an awesome experience. 

One this I started doing was gathering the location information of all the teachers I get to speak with. I really wish I had started this back in June when I began doing it full time, but better late than never. You can click on the map and see where the teachers are. I can't wait to see this map fill up! If you click on one of the pins some of the teachers have included their contact info in case you want to connect with them for a potential collaboration opportunity. I've only captured the data for the these two keynotes so far. 

One of the teachers in CT created this awesome 360 picture of the room during the talk. 

. @jamestsanders Keynote! #gafesummit #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Tweets from the events: 

No More Worksheets 

In my "No More Worksheets" session today I decided to snap a quick 360 image.  As you can see, I'm getting really excited about the idea of capturing moments in time like this. What will the same library look in 5 years? 10?