Finding Meaning in it All

I've spent too much time on the road these past few weeks.  Though I had amazing experiences working with teachers in Maryland, Connecticut, New York, and Virginia (with a trip back to the west coast in-between) it was a bit much.  I love the work that we do at EdTechTeam and it's easy for me to get caught up and see how far I can push it.  

Going forward, I need to do a better job of scheduling down time in between, and develop better eating and sleeping habits on the road.  I've started to gain weight, and I feel a little out of balance. This morning I created a personal "order of operations." In order to focus on things like work and friends, everything else needs to be on track, otherwise it's not sustainable.  

I love the idea of day one, and starting afresh. Let's consider today another day one.... 

Travel Adventure: Manila, Philippines

Day 1 - Layover in Tokyo:  Embarrassed to say, but one the things I was looking forward to most on this trip was my layovers in Japan. My mom was an exchange student to Japan when she was in high school and I've grown up fascinating what it would be like to go.  My dream trip is one where I get to travel around Japan, playing golf, eating sushi, visiting historical sites, and sip on Japanese whiskey.  While in the airport I was able to find a sushi bar where I was able to scratch a little bit of that Japan-travel itch--though I was left only wanting more. 

Day 2 - Finding my feet in Manila:  We were greeting in Manila by tropical storm Fung-Wong. The rain was coming down...

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the other side of me

I spend most of my time thinking and working on education projects. I created this page to begin exploring the non-edu side my life.  This is a project with an audience of one--but feel free to follow along.

This is a catalyst that will push me to seek out exciting non-edu adventures--new tastes, smells, sights, sounds, and feelings.  To discover what gets me excited about the world and unlock the mysteries of my brain. 

Let's go.