Circle of Life (videos to teach the life cycle)

A core component of many science curriculums is the life cycle.  Here are some great videos to use in your lesson. Obviously, you need to kick it off with the Lion King's Circle of Life!

National Geographic: The 24 hour life cycle of the mayfly

Ted Education: How Sea Turtles Survive

National Geographic: The disgusting world of flies and maggots

Historic Mars Landing

Today (Aug 5, 2012) the Mars rover Curiosity is scheduled to land on the red planet.  Here are a few videos to bring you up-to-speed with the historic event. 

The challenges NASA faced

Curiosity's communications system

SciShow's overview

Update: Mars Curiosity Successfully landed on the red planet. See entire entry here:

How TED ED Works

TED ED is a website dedicated to finding the best classroom lessons and bringing them to life with professional animations.  The results are incredible, classroom-ready, videos spanning a variety of subjects. One of those TED ED lessons was created by Jon Bergmann, a chemistry teacher and a pioneer for the role of video in the classroom.  Here are both the  original classroom lesson and the TED ED creation.  

Original video with with Aaron Sams 

Ted Ed Video

Videos of the Week for Jan 1, 2012

Why is it a new year? 
Everything you ever needed to know about the calendar. 
LEGO History
History of the pyramids told through LEGO
Last 100 years in 10 minutes.
Take a quick look back at the last 100 years in world history. 
Stubborn Oscar
Oscar unknowingly teaches us about the word stubborn. 
Powerful Art
Art with an electronic engineering twist. 
Other Great Videos


Videos of the Week for Oct 3, 2011

The Moon Song

Set to Cee Lo Green's "Forget You", ParrMr has created this incredible song/video teaching the different phases of the moon.


1950s Music Quiz 

Music teachers! YouTube user IntSchoolHistory has a great quiz testing you and your students' knowledge of music from the 1950s.


YouTube Star Teacher

YouTube Star Teacher Enrique Legaspi talks about his experience at this year's YouTube Teachers' Studio.


Bill of Rights in 30 Seconds


See if you can keep up with hughesDV's as he teaches the Bill of Rights in 30 seconds.


Too Late to Apologize 


YouTube user soomopublishing has created the perfect video to get your students excited about the Declaration of Independence.


Fun with Fractions

Engage and inform your students with ignitelearning's video on the fundamental interactions of equivalent fractions.

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