Friday Links (2 of 10)

It's Friday! Here's my second installment of web discoveries (videos/ideas/links) worth your time. I almost forgot to create this week's post, so keep your fingers crossed for next week.  Enjoy.  

Crappy Data 

This is one of the biggest problems facing K-12 edu and the future of blended/personalized learning: 

"teachers often find that learning software doesn’t provide them access to student data, doesn’t give them the right kind of data, doesn’t present the data in useful ways, doesn’t produce data they feel they can trust, and/or doesn’t account for the student data gathered by teachers or by other online learning tools"  -Christensen Institute (link)

Friday Link Pack (1 of 10)

Happy Friday! Now that my time in DC has come to an end, I have some extra time to devote to creative side projects. I've decided to start an experiment.  For the next 10 Fridays (including today), I'm going to publish a collection of the great things that I've come across on my travels around the web. This was inspired from reading the Swiss Miss blog. Most of the links will be education themed, but I reserve the right to bend the rules a bit.  Whether people read this or not, I believe it's important to exercise my curation mussels from time to time. 



Tech @ State

I recently had the opportunity to give an Ignite talk at the State Department's "Tech @ State" conference.  This was my first time giving a presentation using the Ignite format. If you're not familiar with Ignites, they are 5-minute presentations where the slides automatically advance every 20 seconds, whether you're finished making your last point or not.  

The talk I gave was on "Moonshots in Education," and I presented three big ideas for education.  If we are serious about reforming the education system, then we need to consider eliminating grade, grade levels, and rethink the concept of a classroom--see the talk for why I think this is necessary.

The next time I give a presentation I will try not to move around quite as much, remember to breathe and ask for a hands-free microphone. :)