My worst nightmare.

Port Townsend, WA

Port Townsend, WA

Yesterday, a teacher at my formal high school of Port Townsend, WA was arrested for returning to campus after being placed on administrative leave (for a previous disruption).

This is particularly hard to read because (1) it happened at my high school and (2) the teacher suffers from bipolar disorder.

Fortunately, when treated, bipolar is a condition we're able to hide. After a manic episode in 2004, I was diagnosed with bipolar 1 disorder. However, through medication and mood management its been a disability I've been able to conceal from the public eye.

Though I've been fortunate to have never had a second attack, it's a cloud a fear that looms over every day. When you have bipolar disorder, you're constantly asking yourself if this feeling you're experiencing (excitement or sadness) is natural or something to be concerned about. Sadly, the stigmas associated with the disorder force us to keep it hidden.

I recognize the need for security and support the authorities for the actions they've taken. Student safety is everything. However, I ask that my community of Port Townsend show sympathy and compassion for the teacher who's going through this horrible moment in his life.

When someone is having a manic episode they lose all control over their decision making and are able to rational illogical thoughts.

I'm keeping Mr. Miller in my thoughts today.