Creative Output | Creative Constraints

In an effort to improve output and cultivate my creativity, I'm going to push myself to post to the blog on a regular basis. Many of the posts will be short, and will likely read more as a stream of consciousness rather than final draft. However, it's important that I begin to exercise that mussel, and stop making excuses. 

Each day of the week will have some fun alliterative theme, where I'll be able to reflect on a the past week and make some goals for the next. This will serve as both my journal and drafting table.  By placing creative constraints on the project the hope is that I'll be able to produce more. 


  • Moonshot Monday: Where I'm reflecting on big goals and projects and the progress. 
  • Tinker Tuesday: This is the wacky lab portion of the blog. No idea too out there. Sharing ideas for future projects and examining other awesome stuff in the universe. 
  • Wellness Wednesday: My effort to get back into shape and live a more mindful life. 
  • Tube Thursday: A weekly video reflection. I love video and have always wanted to push myself to create a video blog--epecially as I've been traveling more and not keeping a journal.
  • Featured Friday: Featuring all the great stuff that I've stumbled upon in my web travels. This could be people, videos, blogs, or fun new products.