Why the future for urban schools is bright

There's no question that cities are flush with failing and low performing schools. Attempts to "fix" this problem are reminders that there isn't a silver bullet for education reform.  However, the pendulum will soon begin to shift in favor of urban schools.  

Enter community institutions 

We are seeing the beginning of what will soon be a transformative movement and a complete re-imagining of the K-12 education experience.  I predict that urban schools will shift from agrarian educational factories to community hubs where students and academic programs will consist of learning experiences that exist both in and out of the classroom. Rather than sitting in rows for hours on end, students will join reading communities at public libraries, maker communities at science centers, coding programs online, and community impact programs at local not-for-profits.  Were are already seeing these types of programs to emerge (see New York & Chicago) and it's only a matter of time before they become a full-fledge movement.