Create & Ship

I just finished reading Seth Godin's book The Icarus Deception and I'm was left motivated by the idea that we need to create and ship art--and by art he's means in the broadest of terms.  Though I pride myself as someone who creates and shares a lot, I don't think I'm taking enough risk.  That is why I'm going to make 2013 the year where I push myself to ship even if I don't think it'll have "universal appeal".  I know I'm holding back, but I also know that I'm leaving fruit unharvested per say.  Currently, I'm a terrible writer and this is a direct result from not writing and publishing.  So here we go, however flawed something may be it's time to create & ship.  

In that vain, I came across this great Kickstarter project by way of Mathalicous of a group of educators who clearly not holding back and creating and shipping.  There's only a few days left and will likely not get funded, but they're putting themselves out there.