Teachers Are Superheros: Enrique Legaspi

Teachers are superheros. Sadly, popular culture gives priority to the worst in our craft, seeking out the negative and highlighting each and every example of wrongdoing--despite many of the claims being completely unfounded. 

Let's turn the table. Every school is full of superheroes.  These are people with homes and families they should be spending time with.  Instead, they are going above and beyond, often late into the night, for our nation's children.  

Through my various PLNs (twitter, Google +, YouTube, etc.), I've been fortunate enough to see a lot of the awesome work teachers are doing.  I thought I'd start this mini-series of posts highlighting amazing teachers with my friend, and one of my teaching heros, Enrique Legaspi.  The videos below speak for themselves. 

Enrique with his students

A few words from the mayor of Los Angeles

One of Enrique's flipped lessons

On the importance of creation and curation