JAWS: A Look at a Classic

In honor of Shark Week I thought I'd put together a few Jaws videos that could be used as activity starters in the classroom.  Just a heads up,  one is a bit risque and the last video has some language that isn't safe for school. I included them in the post to help illustrate some of the activities you could do.  

Discuss the importance of keeping/restoring items from our past

Challenge your students to summarize another film in 60 seconds

Have your students suggest new endings to other films.

The clip is too risque for some schools IMO, but wanted to leave it as an example of the type of activity you could do.

The Original Trailer

Great for teaching exposition, plot, or persuasion

Super film geeks discuss the film (Warning: Strong language) 

Before diving into a serious discussion, start off with something relevant to current pop culture.