Videos of the Week for Nov 6, 2011

Math Class Makeover

Dan Meyer talks about how 'Math Class Needs a Makeover' in this great TED Talk. 

Deadlines and Creativity

KreativMagazin explores the effects of deadlines on student creativity.  Are you giving your students enough time to create? 

Mystery Man

Get your students' brains warmed up by showing them this illusion video. Where does the extra man come from? 

Mega Tsunamis 

The History Channel shows us how mega tsunamis have shaped the world we live in. 

Berlin Wall Falls (Anniversary) 

November 9 marks the anniversary of the collapse of the Berlin Wall. Revisit this historic event with the photographer that took the iconic shot. 

Daylight Savings Time

Do your students wonder why a lot of Americans change their clocks two times a year? This video does a great job of explaining.