Videos of the Week for November 13, 2011

Chromosomes and Lady Gaga (Parody) 

Students deepen their understanding of chromosomes by creating a parody of Lady Gaga's 'Telephone'. 


President Obama's Vetrans' Day Address 

In his weekly address to the nation, President Obama calls on Americans to rededicate themselves to service in honor of the our country's vetrans. 


The Iridescent Classroom


The Iridescent Classroom will inspire you to rethink the learning space your school is creating for the students. 


Project Based Learning Explained 

What exactly is Project Based Learning?  Use this video to kickstart your next PD session. 


"Mathematical Sketching" 

Tired of using paper and pencils to teach math? UCF demonstrates their "mathematical sketching" software. Cool stuff! 


International Student Achievement Data Explained

Ever wonder where they get the data that compares student achievement internationally? If so, watch this video. 


Pirates of the Caribbean and Bloom's Taxonomy 

Pirates of the Caribbean helps teachers understand Bloom's Taxonomy.