Videos of the Week for Oct 3, 2011

The Moon Song

Set to Cee Lo Green's "Forget You", ParrMr has created this incredible song/video teaching the different phases of the moon.


1950s Music Quiz 

Music teachers! YouTube user IntSchoolHistory has a great quiz testing you and your students' knowledge of music from the 1950s.


YouTube Star Teacher

YouTube Star Teacher Enrique Legaspi talks about his experience at this year's YouTube Teachers' Studio.


Bill of Rights in 30 Seconds


See if you can keep up with hughesDV's as he teaches the Bill of Rights in 30 seconds.


Too Late to Apologize 


YouTube user soomopublishing has created the perfect video to get your students excited about the Declaration of Independence.


Fun with Fractions

Engage and inform your students with ignitelearning's video on the fundamental interactions of equivalent fractions.

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