My name is James Sanders and I believe we can do better for our students.

I believe that by leveraging the power of technology, we can create challenge-based educational experiences that demand critical thinking, enable local and international collaboration, and cultivate student creation. 

Change isn't created in vacuums. I believe we need to put ourselves out there. Own our mistakes and shortcomings, always looking to fail forward. 

My theory of change begins and ends with empowered educators. Both parents and classroom teachers need to be empowered with the tools, resources, training and support in order to be their most effective selves. 

The age of standing in the front of the room and delivering  content is dead, educators in the 21st century need to be curators of educational experiences and design interactive, challenge-based,  lessons that cultivate creativity, critical thinking and aim to solve real-world problems.  


  • First teacher in the world to teach with 1:1 Chromebooks (2011)

  • Delivered the Launch presentation Chromebooks for Education for Google (2012)

  • Created YouTube for Teachers & Oversaw K12 Content for YouTube EDU (2012)

  • Founded ClassBadges (2013)

  • Co-Founded the White House Film Festival (2014)

  • Led the White House Education Datapalooza (2014)

  • Co-founded Future Ready Schools (2014)

  • Founded Breakout EDU (2015)

Map of my EDU travels (click) 

Current Work

Past Employment (See: LINKED IN)

  • White House

  • Presidential Innovation Fellows Foundation

  • KIPP Schools

  • Google

  • ClassBadges

  • Los Angeles Unified School District