10 Ways to use YouTube in your classroom

In this session you will learn how to leverage YouTube successfully in your classroom.

We will focus on searching, discovering, curating and creating high quality educational content for your students.

  1. Spark lively discussions.
  2. Organize all the great video content you find
  3. Archive your work
  4. Allow students to dig deeper into a subject
  5. Get struggling students up to speed, and push strong students ahead
  6. Review for upcoming exams
  7. Create a YouTube center in your classroom
  8. Create quizzes to accompany videos for instant feedback
  9. Create interactive video quests
  10. Flip your classroom

About Me

My name is James Sanders and I believe we can do better for our students.  By leveraging the power of technology, we can create challenge-based educational experiences that demand critical thinking, enable local and international collaboration, and cultivate student creation.